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Always Tired? Nature Overcomes Fatigue with NADH
Never say Why am I always tired NADH overcomes extreme fatigue treating fatigue causes and fatigue symptoms using Nature’s Energy to FIGHT the causes of fatigue


It is a scientific fact, the more NADH a cell has, the more energy the cell produces. In simple terms, people who want more energy, need to take a daily NADH supplement. NADH is for people who want to feel more energized, want more stamina, and to fight fatigue. Olympians (yes some of our customers are in the Olympics) take NADH to be endurance athletes and improve their performance scores. R-energized cell having just taken NADHDr Birkmayer recommends 5mg to 10mg of NADH daily to experience its energy-enhancing positive effects.
NADH is not a drug, and not a stimulant (like coffee, caffeine or energy drink.) NADH is Mother Nature’s way to provide nature's energy (ATP) to each cell. NADH provides more physical energy and (as an added benefit) enhances mental energy for functions like thinking, concentration, memory recall, decision making, and other executive functions.

Read the clinical studies and publications

Clinical Studies & Publications:
All Cells Need Energy, But This is Biological Rocket Fuel
NY Daily News Reports: NADH is a Nutritional Supplement Based on a Natural Energy Giving Enzyme:

The energy in the Body

See the ATP energy flowing up the nerve cell to the brain energy is constantly flowing throughout the human body. Muscles use energy for movement. The brain uses energy for memory, thinking, recall, concentration, coordination, and more. This picture shows a nerve cell passing electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are energy. They carry signals that cause cellular energy to make the heartbeat, to make the muscles move, and to perform all brain functions. All of these different energy functions are provided by an energy called ATP energy. (For more information on how ATP works, see this website's section called ATP Energy.)

It is a scientific fact, cells with higher levels of NADH, produce more energy, and have higher levels of ATP. Stabilized NADH is now available as a nutritional supplement. What could be easier than taking a daily nutritional supplement to increase a person’s energy levels? All 60 trillion cells within the human body could use this newfound source of energy. ATP is life’s energy or physical human energy power all living functions. With NADH each cell can be re-energized one cell at a time.
If every cell can benefit from more NADH than describe the many types of benefits when taking NADH. Clinical research has proven:

NADH plays a primary role in human cell energy production.
NADH plays a crucial role in the process of repairing & replacing damaged cells.
NADH has a fundamental role in repairing cellular DNA, which is required to keep reproducing good & healthy cells.
NADH plays an active role in the body's immune system. Taking NADH is proven to enhance the body's immune system
NADH is the most biologically potent antioxidant in nature. Scientifically speaking: NADH, on the basis of its biochemical features, has the strongest positive effect in fighting off free radicals and their potential to do damage. (Free radicals damage is known to be the starting point for 80+ different degenerative diseases.)
NADH has direct positive involvement in the production and regulation of important compounds within the human body. For example, NADH enables the body's creation of depleted brain chemicals called neurotransmitters (i.e., dopamine). These neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals used to improve memory, thinking, concentration, decision making, a sense of well being, and much more.

NADH Significant Achievements:

The cell-like a car engine provides the powerToday, medical technology has made a significant scientific breakthrough. It has made it a reality to "re-energize each and every cell." "Active N-A-D-H" is available as a daily nutritional supplement. NADH will re-energize each and every brain cell, heart cell, muscle cell, etc. NADH increases the energy used in thinking, remembering, decision-making, etc. Re-energizing brain cells could improve mental performance during a test, or at work or at school.
NADH will re-energize cells that have degenerated (lost their energy) from stress or a degenerative disease. NADH is Mother Nature’s way to re-energize the cell. It does not work like caffeine which is a short term stimulant.

NADH will achieve superior Anti-Aging healthcare maintenance. Around the world, there is explosive growth in information, methods, products, and treatments that target the symptoms associated with old age. NADH treats / corrects the symptoms associated with old age.

NADH in the cell will achieve "Well Care Living." People are living longer. People don't want to grow old gracefully they want to defy growing old. People have come to understand: simple, easy, dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary to defy the symptoms of growing old. Their main goal: maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The person lives longer, lives healthier, lives better. For thousands of people, NADH has become their "well care" daily dietary nutritional supplement.

Funding in medical research has shifted from "how-to-cure" to "how-to-prevent" chronic, and degenerative diseases. The human body is a fantastic self-healing, self-correcting, self-repairing machine. As people grow older, the human body can use a little boost from Mother Nature to help self-heal itself. (The same way the body would self-heal itself when the person was younger.)

Dr. Birkmayer’s NADH nutritional supplement has been tested under FDA Approved clinical testing guidelines. It has been tested and now used to treat degenerative medical conditions. Almost all vitamins and nutritional supplements HAVE NOT had FDA Approved testing. FDA Approved testing is time-consuming and expensive. Most consumers like the clinical test results to prove their product’s claims. The claims made about Dr. Birkmayer’s NADH are found throughout this website and are supported by clinical testing. The clinical testing results are made available as well.

Is Your Diet Supplying a Sufficient Amount of NADH?

We are all born with a lot of NADH. Think about it. Kids have an enormous amount of energy (NADH). As we grow old, our bodies use NADH. Our diet should replenish the body's NADH requirements. But like most nutritional supplements, we are not getting enough nutrients from our diet. And like most vitamins and nutritional supplements, NADH is not produced by the human body. NADH can only be obtained from the diet or a nutritional supplement.
It is a scientific fact poor nutritional and poor absorption rates cause an NADH deficiency. When cellular NADH declines, cell energy production also declines. In terms of biology, as people age, they move from an energy-rich state (like kids) to an energy-poor state (like 95-year-olds). With an NADH nutritional supplement, depleted NADH molecules are replaced. With each new working NADH molecule, cell energy production increases at the following rate:

One NADH molecule increases cell energy production by 7.89%.
Two NADH molecules increase cell energy production by 15.78%.
Three NADH molecules increase cell energy production by 23.67%.
Four NADH molecules increase cell energy production by 31.56%.
Five NADH molecules increase cell energy production by 39.45%.
For additional information about Mother Nature’s use of NADH in the production of ATP life’s energy, see this website’s section called The Guided Tour

Improving the Quality of Life:

NADH is now a nutritional supplement taking a daily NADH nutritional supplement will increase cell energy production and cell longevity. In other words, cell longevity can be the result of having sufficient levels of cellular ATP.

However, what good is a longer life if the quality of life declines? Declines in mobility, brainpower, cognitive functions, poor memory recall, and other brain-related problems cause a decline in the Quality of Life. NADH is clinically proven to play an active role in improving mobility, alertness, thinking, and cognitive functions (like memory & decision making). NADH increases sex drive, mood, muscle strength, muscle stamina, coordination, and much more. NADH is a nutritional supplement for people who want to enhance their Quality of Life.
Clinical studies have shown the more NADH the brain cells have the better off the brain cells are. NADH won't prevent aging, but NADH could be taken to prevent the symptoms associated with old age.

NADH is not a drug, not a stimulant (like caffeine) and non-toxic even in large dosages. NADH was tested for 26 weeks at 1,000mg daily and no negative side effects where observed. Because NADH is already found within every human cell, NADH can safely be taken with any other medication or medical treatment. After extensive safety testing, it was proven NADH does not have any negative side effects and no adverse drug interactions. See this website’s section called Safety First for more information.


With this knowledge it stands to reason, taking an NADH daily supplement will increase a person’s energy levels, and as an added bonus provide a host of other positive benefits. Use only the NADH created by Dr. Birkmayer because it is the ONLY stabilized NADH available (See this website's section called Let the Buyer Beware) The same NADH discussed on this page is available from this website and other high-quality nutritional supplement stores. If you don't feel the positive effects while taking the NADH supplements -- don't worry. Because you bought the NADH from us, at The NADH Store, we will refund your money in full (less shipping costs) within 30 days from the date of purchase -- no questions asked. There is no risk in trying the NADH you bought from The NADH Store.
Once the NADH is in your cells, the positive benefits are wonderful. The positive physical and mental effects will vary depending upon how and why the NADH is being taken, and how much NADH is needed. Most feel a difference within the first few days. Some NADH Store staff members felt their positive effects after 18 days (taking 5mg a day.) Individual results vary. The NADH Store knows that you will feel the positive effects. Guaranteed!

How Safe is NADH?
Testing proves very safe.

Yes! NADH is already found within every living cell in the human body.
Clinical testing and 30 years of consumers taking a daily NADH has proven NADH can be safely taken with all other drugs, medications, special diets, vitamins, treatments, etc.
Always seek the advice of a qualified physician or healthcare professional when taking any nutritional substance. When discussing NADH with your Doctor, tell them to remember NADH already exists in every cell of your body, creating ATP, the energy used to power all living things (i.e., thought, memory, muscle movement, heartbeats, etc.).