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Our Story

Coenzym 1‘s story of success is inseparably connected to the name Birkmayer. Although it was first described in 1905 by Harden & Young when Glycolysis was deciphered; it was to take another 100 years before the therapeutic range spectrum of NADH was to be discovered. We can thank Walther Birkmayer, a pioneer in the field of neurology, for this fact. The NADH-therapy applied upon his patients suffering from Alzheimer and Parkinson was so successful that treatment of these diseases with NADH has been patented. In order to make taking this substance accessible to as many people as possible independent of a physician‘s administration, Walther Birkmayer‘s son, Jörg, developed a stabilized galenicals formula that guarantees a maximum possible bio-availability of NADH. The originality of this innovation was likewise protected by a number of patents.

As a previous licensee of these patents the TP-TUMAPHARMA LTD company took over the free-enterprise transformation regarding production and distribution of NADH - products in mid 2005. Choosing Malta as the company‘s location facilitates its professional conversion to a global sales network against an economic background at an international level.

Due to our knowledge about the high demands on quality and production exclusively raw materials from well-known pharmaceutical companies are used, whose further treatment is carried out analogous to the strict standards of pharmaceutics production -- exclusively according to GMP-criteria and severely controlled. Every one of our products is tested intensively before it reaches the market and consequently products of highest quality, optimal effectiveness and impeccable tolerability are guaranteed. To prove our concession on health and vitality, our formulas are among other things free of allergenic and sugar and do not contain any preservatives, artificial aroma or coloring. To guarantee the high quality of our products after manufacture, we only use packing material whose protective effect against light, heat and humidity are confirmed in its application and certified by the manufacturer.

Through continuous education and intensive research on an international level, our employees guarantee the quality of our products and competent and qualified sales partners convince people all over the world of the economic and scientific know-how of TP-TUMAPHARMA LTD. Innovative new formulas broaden, in form of combinations of active substances, the therapeutic use of the central theme NADH.