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Jet Lagged - How to beat Jet Lag with NADH
NADH jet lag treatment increases cognitive abilities 25% stops the symptoms of jet lag. It's new in jet lag remedies. There is no jet lag cure, no jet lag pills to treat Jet LagSummary: Good news, NADH was clinically tested and proven to be successful as a Jet Lag treatment. A clinical study confirms NADH successfully combats Jet Lag, by improving alertness, problem-solving skills, response time, Without NADH - Low in energy, memory recall, concentration, attention, decision making, and other executive functions. People who crossed time zones, and become jet-lagged or are sleep deprived, were given 20mg of NADH and they performed exceptionally well.
NADH treats Jet Lag successfully. Dr. Birkmayer (the Doctor that developed stabilized NADH) recommends a dosage consistent with the Jet Lag Study. Dr. Birkmayer recommends 20mg of NADH to achieve the beneficial effects in combating jet lag. The positive effects should be felt in one hour after taking the NADH.
NADH is not a drug and not a stimulant. It is Mother Nature’s way to increase the brain cell activity associated with enhanced mental performance, thinking capabilities, decision making, and executive functioning for those that have become jet-lagged and sleep-deprived.

Clinical Studies and Publications

Clinical Studies & Publications:
A Successful Treatment to Jet Lag is Found with NADH

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CNN Reports on NADH's positive effects on Jetlag [02:16]

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Clinical Testing: The Jet Lag Study

An NADH nutritional supplement was clinically tested in a Jet Lag Study under the watchful eyes of Clinical Neuropsychologist from Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC; a Medical Doctor from The Center for Neurologic Study, La Jolla, CA and a Neurologist / Flight Surgeon from NASA, Houston, TX. The clinical study's results were submitted for a peer-review to the Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine Group. This group is the flight surgeons that are focused on the health, safety, and performance of persons involved in air and space travel. An NADH nutritional supplement was found to provide treatment for jet lag. NADH is a supplement that improves alertness, memory recall, problem-solving, response time, and executive functions for people who are jet-lagged when crossing time zones and may be sleep-deprived.

Science says current Jet Lag treatments are limited, not practical or ineffective. These current jet lag treatments include phototherapy, a melatonin supplement, stimulants, or sedative medications. To simply take an NADH nutritional supplement (a pill) is a significant advancement as a jet lag remedy.
Dr. Birkmayer (the Doctor that developed stabilized NADH) wanted to use NADH to help Jet Lagged travelers with increase energy, alertness, memory recall processing, problem-solving, response time, and overall decision making. To validate his beliefs, his company funded a Jet Lag Clinical Study to prove NADH’s effectiveness in rigorous clinical testing and under the watchful eyes of a research hospital.

A rigorous clinical study methodology was followed. The Jet Lag Study was performed under the watchful eyes of a research hospital and led by Clinical Neuropsychologist from Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC; a Medical Doctor from The Center for Neurologic Study, La Jolla, CA and a Neurologist / Flight Surgeon from NASA, Houston, TX. Their research proved that NADH increases the cellular production of ATP. Increased levels of NADH in the brain, will increase the levels of ATP energy and brain activity. Also, NADH facilitates the production and synthesis of dopamine. Dopamine is a very important brain chemical that is needed in many important brain functions. Because of these NADH capabilities, NADH naturally counteracts the effects of Jet Lag, specially NADH enhances cognitive functioning and fights off the symptoms of sleepiness.

NADH Found to be an Effective Jet Lag Treatment

Thirty-five (35) healthy test subjects participated in this double-blind, placebo-controlled Jet Lag Clinical Study. In double-blind studies, the patients, the doctors, and the researchers monitoring the results DO NOT KNOW which patients received the NADH and which patients received the placebo (the sugar pill).

Pre-Jet-Lag baseline testing was conducted on the West Coast, in San Diego, CA before flying. Next, the test subjects were flown overnight (also known as The Red-Eye) to the East Coast, in Washington, DC. The subject experienced a 3-hour time difference. Upon arrival, individuals were randomly assigned to receive either 20 mg of (stabilized) NADH or an identical-looking placebo (a sugar pill). In the morning and again in the afternoon, all test participants completed computer-administered testing (including the CogScreen7) to assess changes in cognitive functioning, decision making, memory recall, mood, and sleepiness.
These cognitive exams that were given to the test subjects are valid assessment tools. These are the same cognitive tests used by the FAA for pilot re-certification and by the pilots in the United States Air Force. These exams measure subtle changes in alertness, response time, cognitive functioning, memory recall, and decision making.

The Jet Lag resulted in increased sleepiness for over half the test subjects. The Jet Lagged participants showed a deterioration of cognitive functioning. The morning following the flight, subjects experienced lapses of attention in addition to disruptions in working memory, attention, and visual perceptual speed. The individuals who received the NADH performed significantly better on the cognitive and psychomotor test measures. The test subjects who took NADH reported less sleepiness when compared with those subjects who received the placebo (the sugar pill). No adverse effects were observed with NADH treatment.

The results from the Jet Lag study were submitted for peer-review publication in the Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine Journal.

NADH’s Positive Effects within the Body

The more NADH the cell has the more ATP energy the cell produces. Energy is constantly flowing throughout the human body. Muscles use energy for movement. The brain uses energy for memory recall, thinking, concentration, decision making, attention, coordination, cognitive functioning, and more. This picture shows a nerve cell passing electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are energy. They carry signals that cause cellular energy to make the heartbeat, to make the muscles move, and to perform all brain functions. All of these different energy functions are provided by an energy called ATP. (For more information on how ATP works, see this website's section called ATP Energy) Cells with higher levels of NADH produce more ATP file’s energy. Increases in cellular ATP and facilitates increases in dopamine synthesis. Increased levels of dopamine increase cognitive functioning, decision making, memory, mood, etc. The more NADH a cell has, the more ATP energy a cell produces. It is a clinically proven fact that NADH plays a primary role in creating an energy-rich state within brain cells as well as increases the levels of dopamine. For more information about Mother Nature’s production of NADH, see this website’s section called The Guided Tour

It is a scientific fact, cells with higher levels of NADH, have higher levels of ATP, and produce more energy. Stabilized NADH is now available as a nutritional supplement. What could be easier than taking a daily nutritional supplement to increase a person’s energy levels and mental performance? Use only the NADH created by Dr. Birkmayer because it is the ONLY stabilized NADH available (See this website's section called Let the Buyer Beware)
Today, medical science technology has made a significant scientific achievement. NADH has made it a reality to "re-energizing each and every cell." NADH will re-energize each brain cell used in thinking, remembering, decision-making, etc. NADH will overcome the symptoms of Jet Lag and sleepiness. Mother Nature uses NADH to re-energized, revitalized, rejuvenated, invigorated, etc. cells.

NADH is not a drug, not a stimulant (like caffeine) and non-toxic even in large dosages. NADH was tested for 26 weeks at 1,000mg daily and no negative side effects where observed. Because NADH is already found within every human cell, NADH can safely be taken with any other medication or medical treatment. After extensive safety testing, it was proven NADH does not have any negative side effects and no adverse drug interactions. See this website’s section called Safety First for more information


With this knowledge it stands to reason, taking an NADH avoids many of the negative symptoms of Jet Lag. It is a scientific fact, cells with higher levels of NADH, have higher levels of ATP energy. Stabilized NADH is now available as a nutritional supplement. Dr. Birkmayer’s stabilized NADH nutritional supplement has been tested under FDA Approved clinical testing guidelines. Almost all vitamins and nutritional supplements HAVE NOT had FDA Approved testing. FDA Approved testing is time-consuming and expensive. Most consumers like clinical test results to prove a product’s claims. The claims made about Dr. Birkmayer’s NADH are found throughout this website and are supported by rigorous clinical testing with industry published findings.
Take 20mg of NADH to combat the symptoms of Jet Lag. If you don't feel the positive effects while taking the NADH supplements -- don't worry. Because you bought the NADH from us, at The NADH Store, we will refund your money in full (less shipping costs) within 30 days from the date of purchase -- no questions asked. There is no risk in trying the NADH you bought from The NADH Store. The positive physical and mental effects to treat Jet Lag should be felt about one hour after taking 20mg of NADH. The NADH Store is sure that you will feel the positive effects. Guaranteed!